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Posted on November 25, 2014
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I haven’t updated this blog for a long time, partly because I’ve been up to my ears in work on other projects that are my bread and butter. Writing in here feels a little frivolous, but since it’s “my place” online, I suppose I had better bring it up to date.

Times are exciting right now.

I don’t write much about family life online because I like to keep it private, but I can reveal that after 18 years on this mortal plane, out old dog Ronnie finally gave up the ghost a few months ago, about a year after our other one, Daisy left us aged 16. Old dogs they were and we miss them a lot.

But at the end of September we got a puppy from a rescue place near Malaga and she has slotted right in. her name is Mia and she was actually born in the rescue centre and we got to meet her and fell in love with her right away. Our daughter loves her to bits too.

OK, so that’s as much personal stuff as I’m giving out here.

Musically, the band are going from strength to strength with both myself and guitarist Brad in full creative mode writing lots of new songs. Our set is almost entirely made up of original songs now, although we still play a few covers at our gigs to keep the crowd happy. We must be doing something right because we have a pretty strong following from the local biker crowd with connections in Germany, Belgium and right up into Scandinavia.

You can take a look at one of our older videos from 2012 in this post: Some Fun Music

We are currently recording a CD of a selection of our songs that we’ll be selling at gigs and online via my latest music website at webmusicstar.com. The plan is to release a couple of tracks onto iTunes and see if it generates any interest.

So what am I up to in my line of work?

I’m focused on a few newer websites in different niches, creating lots of good content and building links the right way (not the old pre-2012 way) which is a process that I’m keeping to myself because its working and I’m not about to give away information that is making me money for others to come along and muscle in on my success.

I’m sure there are still plenty of “gurus” that will sell you their latest greatest proven plan and maybe it will help you. I can’t really say. But what I can say is that if you want to get into this business (SEO + affiliate marketing) you need to do a lot of testing for yourself to see what works and what doesn’t. I don’t follow anyone, I just test my own stuff and follow what works.

I’m still an active member of Dave’s “Pond” which is the only forum you’ll find me on these days, but not if you’re not a member. It’ll cost you $10 a month to join http://pond.zenduck.me if you want. If not, don’t.

That’s all for now. Consider this site up to date!

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Is Godaddy Taking Us for a Ride in the EU?

Posted on September 17, 2013
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I believe in fair play, so when I see something that is obviously not very fair to some people I feel something needs to be said.

My attention was drawn to what should have been a great deal being offered by domain registrar Godaddy – “Register a new domain for just $0.99 – that shows up on their ad when you Google the company name. I decided to check this out for myself and was a little disappointed to see that when I looked at godaddy.com here in Spain, the ad was there but the deal was new domains for €3.49.

Still a lot cheaper than the full price, but what happened to the 99 cent deal I’d heard about? I opened google.com via US proxy (to get the local version) and lo and behold, there was the ad for $0.99!

Hang on, whoa! What is going on here? How come US customers can buy new domains for a better deal (99c) than us here in the EU (€3.49)? Just out of curiosity, I looked at google.co.uk to see what the price was in GBP and… £1.29!

What the..?

This is a little unfair, would you not agree? How is it that this global company can offer a deal for one price in the US, a little more in the UK but a load more in the EU? They can’t use the T-A-X card because if it were a case of charging us VAT or idiot tax, the price should be the same in the UK as the rest of the EU.

We are already being shafted by US hosting companies that now charge us VAT for their services, even though they are NOT European based companies. That stinks to high heaven. Their quoted prices on their websites are now less than what we are being charged here with no mention anywhere that the price does NOT include VAT – which is surely breaking some advertising law somewhere.

What’s more, the quoted price for say a Hostgator baby plan at $9.95 a month is what a US customer would pay, meaning it will already include US sales tax. So does that mean customers in Europe are being taxed twice? It certainly looks that way.

This idiot idea was implemented because EU based hosting companies were whinging they could not compete with US companies on price because they had to charge us VAT and US companies did not. This is despite the fact there are only a handful of EU based hosting companies compared to the hundreds if not thousands elsewhere in the world.

Never mind the US hosting prices are what everyone else in the world pays no matter where they are because the web is “world wide”.

Never mind the hosting is done in the US and US taxes, costs and overheads are already factored into their prices.

Well done Mr brain dead EU politician for dreaming up that unbelievably stupid idea which incidentally is very unfair for EU consumers!

Of course, I doubt many will take a blind bit of notice of this. European based Internet marketers seem to have kept very quiet about all this. Put up and shut up, right? Pussies!

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Some Fun Music

Posted on April 4, 2013
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Just for a change and to get away from work, I finally got around to editing and uploading a video of the band that was shot at one of our live gigs here in the south of Spain. It’s not a professional video by any stretch, just one taken by our drummer’s old man on his cool Nikon camera. But its fair enough to put up and the sound is pretty good considering the size of the place (it’s tiny).

The song in question is ska, one of only two we currently do (although we plan on writing more) and I wrote it as a sort of tribute to the Madness tribute band I played in several years ago called “One Step Beyond” – hence the name of the song. It’s a tongue-in-cheek swipe at the old Madness song “Night Boat to Cairo” as you’ll probably guess from the structure and a couple of pretty obvious lines…

Without further ado, here it is:

If you like it, I’d appreciate you put it up on Facebook and tell all your friends, tweet it and of course give it the thumbs up on Youtube. Thanks!

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