Wow, Where Did This Week Go To?

I can’t believe my last post was way back on Monday and it’s Saturday already! What’s been happening here in Spain? Well, although I’ve been out and about quite a lot, I don’t seem to have achieved a whole lot in that time. I’ve done a couple of small jobs and worked on some building, […]

An Odd Day on The Costa Del Sol

The title of this post may be a it misleading in that I don’t actually mean it’s an odd day on the Costa Del Sol in general, just an odd day for me in particular! There I was, happily writing away when my phone rang and I was offered a job interview for this evening. […]

I Managed to Avoid THAT Day!

Yep, I managed to avoid posting anything yesterday – because it was my birthday and I don’t want any more of them – I’m heading towards the big five-o far too quickly and I’m in no great hurry to arrive! So what else can I talk about? Well how about life here in Spain? That […]

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