Rollercoaster Squidoo!

I‘ve been a little up and down this week what with having to work a couple of days offline to keep my wallet full of beer tokens and to keep the larder well stocked. That meant some blogs and sites got to be updated with their usual regularity and some didn’t! The first side of […]

Google Has Spoken!

This is a great time for me as a lot of my sites and blogs got their rewards from Google in the form of a boost in Page Rank. This one (Terry Didcott) didn’t rank this time round, but then it is very new and hasn’t been promoted like my other sites. Next time… So […]

What’s New?

Things are starting to move on the blogging front for yours truly. I’ve already been invited to guest blog at two high profile blogs so far and I’m sure that the paid freelance blogging work will shortly follow. I’ve just written my first guest blog post over at Trent Brownrigg’s blog and will be doing […]

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