Taking Things Easy?

It looks as though I took the essence of my last post to heart somewhat and managed to ignore this blog for more than a few days! I must have been busy elsewhere – yes, that’s it! Strangely enough, that’s not far from the truth. I still do a fair amount of work offline which […]

How Often Should You Post?

I was just involved in a comment conversation over at my JV blog, Blogging Web 2.0, which was focused around how often you should post to your blog (or blogs, in my case). My take on this is that the decision should really be that of the blogger. As a rather busy blogger myself,it would […]

Running Your Own Forum

It’s a good idea to create and run your own forum and then use that forum to attract traffic to your website and/or blog. I’ve been running my own forum at The Honest Way for several months now and it works very well. Visitors to the forum read all the posts by the members (that […]

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