Write On The Money

Its high time I followed my last post Who Unleashed that Blogger?, with something else as time is beginning to pass with greater spans between entries in my flagship blog here. So I shall write on! The money part of the title is just a play on words, as we shall see… The subject that […]

Who Unleashed that Blogger?

After scaring the living daylights out of everyone in my last post about Freedom Writers and Sedentary Lifestyle, I thought I’d calm the waters a little with an out and out plug for my good friend Vic Franqui’s blog: Its called Blogger Unleashed but I reckon he’d probably prefer me to anchor it as Make […]

Freedom Writers and Sedentary Lifestyle

As freedom writer’s posts go, this is quite a rapid turnaround for me after my last post Site Building, considering my work rate. But I came across this topic of freedom writers and sedentary lifestyle and it interested me enough to write my own take on it. It appears that freedom writers and sedentary lifestyle […]

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