Exciting Times

I haven’t updated this blog for a long time, partly because I’ve been up to my ears in work on other projects that are my bread and butter. Writing in here feels a little frivolous, but since it’s “my place” online, I suppose I had better bring it up to date. Times are exciting right […]

Write Something!

I’ve been so busy lately with building my other sites up with content that I’ve neglected this one and I suppose I really shouldn’t as its supposed to be my personal window onto the cyber world where I can be just me. That is the me who is not constantly hammering away at making a […]

Talk About the Weather!

Hi once again! I’m back again in this hotbed of activity that is my own personal space that I can do pretty much whatever I want with. And you can tell how keen I am by the prolific posting that goes on here! Ok, let’s get down to why I’m spending some time in here […]