Positive Doing

let’s stay positive here and move with this theme I started to look at how thinking in a positive way can equate into many improvements in a person’s life. It might seem like all this positive attitude stuff is more like a daydreamer’s wonted custom to sit in an easy chair and dream of all […]

Positive Thinking

This may seem like a pretty obvious thing but you would be shocked at how many people tend to have a predominantly negative outlook on life. There are many reasons for this and we shall go into some of them here. Once you can identify what is causing you to think negatively, you can change […]

Astronomical Musings

Let’s get away from the usual ramblings that I tend to, well ramble on about on this personal blog of mine. I want to take a sideswipe at an astronomical observation of mine and wonder what it all means. It has a lot to do with the Mayan prediction that the world will come to […]

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